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Battle Of The Bands - 2017 - Terms and conditions


1. It is open to any group, band, or artist who attain 19 years of age or under before 31st August 2017. They must be young people (or a 60% majority in the membership) who reside in and/or attend an education establishment (inc. colleges and universities) in Torbay and the surrounding area.

2. Acts must not be professionally signed to any record label, agency or other organisation and must therefore be “amateur” in the strictest sense of the word . Definition of professionally signed is a group/artist whose members receive regular and taxable payment from the groups earnings and/or have a management who are paid to conduct the group/artists’ work.

3. Previous winners (not runners up) are ineligible to enter subsequent festivals.

4.The competition final will be held in front of a public audience and before a panel of expert and lay judges. The judges will make awards to the competitors and their decision on all matters will be final. The festival organisers will appoint the judges and their decision is final in all aspects.

5. The closing date for entries to the competition will be five days before the first heat or when all competition spaces are filled, whichever comes first. 

6.In the event of more than 5 entries in a category, heats will be organised, which will be held prior to the final event. If there are less than two entries the event will be cancelled and no award will be made.

7. Each entry will play:

· A programme (set) of not less than 10 min and not longer than 15 min.

· One song will be performed as a warm-up/sound check item. This will not be judged.

· Entries will be penalised for a too short program and those who go over the twenty-minute mark will be “switched off”.

8. Entries must be totally live and not have any pre-recorded parts to it. The only exception to this will be:

· Sequenced tracks as part of a techno performance. At least 50% of the performance must be played live.

· Use of decks.

9. Participants will be required to use the provided PA, Basic back-line (bass/keyboard amps) and Drum Kit. Guitarists should bring their own combos. You must also bring your own instruments, effects units, leads, snare drum, stool and cymbals. There will be a short “set-up” time for each act. A detailed line-up sheet will be sent nearer the time.

10. Acts will be judged on:

a] Technique and control of instruments.

b] Performance (confidence and poise),

c] Presentation (appearance and personal presentation plus audience communication) and

d] Entertainment value (performers are expected to introduce themselves and their programme).

11. This is a music competition and awards will be musically based. Dance and stage performance may be used but will form only a small element of the judging in terms of entertainment value.

12. It is the performers’ responsibility to ensure that the material used in their performance is of an acceptable standard and conforms to public entertainment standards. Bad language is not admissible nor any statements or actions which could be interpreted as prejudice or inflammatory against race, colour, creed, religion, sexuality, or gender. Any breeches of this rule will result in the immediate suspension from the competition and set terminated (switched off). If there is any doubt please consult the organisers before the competition. Performers will be held responsible for any damage that is caused at any time during the event.

13. Candidates must produce a printed “running sheet” of their programme including composers and publishers to conform to copyright legislation.

14. The judges will announce a 1st prize and a runner-up.

15. Prizes for 2017: Top Prize - A set at the Torbay Air Show and a day's recording at Ocean Studios. 

16. Candidates will be disqualified should they falsify, directly or inadvertently, any information in connection with this competition,

17. Please note that each candidate will be allowed 2 complimentary tickets per band member to the event.

18. The Festival organisers reserve the right to change or amend these rules and conditions without notice should they see fit. They also reserve the right not to make any award should they deem circumstances warrant. In the event of a complaint or dispute, this should be made in writing to:-   Torbay Music Service, Torquay Town Hall. Torquay, TQ3 3DR

19. A cash deposit of £50 is required to secure your place in the competition. This is due to the number of acts who withdrew from the competition at short notice last year. However, if this would prevent you from entering the competition, please contact us and we can discuss alternatives. All deposits will be returned on the night of the performance.

20. In the event that less than five acts enter the competition, the event will be cancelled and all deposits returned.

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